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500 m from Veillon beach
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Beaches and water sports

Just 500m from one of France’s most beautiful beaches

Le Veillon isn’t just a superb sandy beach. It’s a large natural area comprising the beach, a dune almost 1 kilometer long, the Payré estuary which runs around the dune, cliffs and a splendid forest of pines and holm oaks. You’ll find hidden coves with pebble beaches. Talmont-Saint-Hilaire is blessed with a generous and above all unspoilt natural environment. The beach at Le Veillon, sculpted by the natural elements, will never be the same throughout the seasons.

The Payré estuary is a large natural area comprising salt marshes, fish marshes, classified oyster beds and dune massifs. Classified as a “Grand Ensemble Naturel”, it was designated Vendée’s first remarkable site in 2007. This natural area is of course protected under the Natura 2000 protection zoning . However, guided tours are available for groups.

The Bois du Veillon is one of the finest holm oak and pine woodlands on the Atlantic coast. Our holidaymakers will be immersed in a unique area in terms of biodiversity.

Also, since 2014, the Blue Flag label rewarding bathing water quality has been flying over the Veillon beach.

Lovers of relaxation, fishing, boating and nature walks will find plenty to do at Le Veillon.

Water sports – Let’s go for it!

On the water, in the water, on beaches, lakes or rivers… In summer, water activities plunge us into an ocean of fun and relaxation. Surfing, windsurfing, sand yachting, kite-surfing, canoeing… there’s something for every age and every taste. The Camping des Flots de l’Océan, located close to the ocean, invites you to share the joys of “surfing”, with family or friends.

In the mood for adrenaline? The beaches of the Atlantic are the ideal spot to challenge the rollers and take to the waves in surf or body-surf. Here, you can also try your hand at kite-surfing, provided you’re a good swimmer and have good balance… On the murky waters of Le Payré, don’t hesitate to “paddle” standing up on your stand-up paddle! Our beaches are the perfect playground for sand yachting and for staying at our seaside campsite. Or perhaps you’d prefer to take a trip out to sea or go fishing from Port Bourgenay?
You can also enjoy the incomparable water-based pleasures of towed buoys and water skiing right next to our Vendée campsite.

The best way to enjoy our beautiful coastline is by canoeing down the white waters.
Whatever your destination, discover water sports in complete safety from the comfort of your campsite. Talmont Saint-Hilaire is the ideal destination for family fun on sailing yachts, creating unforgettable memories for all.

Ocean Player’s!

If you’re a kitesurfing enthusiast, you’ll find what you’re looking for with the Ocean Players team. This school is located just 600m from our campsite on the Veillon beach. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, you’ll be warmly welcomed, with the aim of sharing your passion for snow sports. Ocean Player’s offers several formulas adapted to your sporting project: training courses, sessions, rentals, with family or friends.

07 83 52 00 34 – https://www.oceanplayers.fr/

Vendée Surf Schools!

Surf enthusiasts will be delighted with this surf school, also located 600m from our campsite. Our Veillon beach is located at the mouth of a river: the Payré. This peculiarity gives rise to the formation of different sandbanks, enabling us to offer courses from low tide to high tide. Courses are available for children aged 7 and over, and for groups, remember to book in July/August!

06 84 50 96 17 -https://www.vendeesurfschools.com/accueil.html

Talmont Canoe Kayak!

Canoe, kayak and paddle rentals at the Talmont Saint-Hilaire water sports center. Starting from the Veillon beach, 8 minutes’ walk from the campsite, a 2-hour kayak trip takes you to the Havre du Payré, with a stop for oyster (or shrimp) tasting at the Port de la Guittière.

06 40 32 54 75 – informations@talmontcanoekayak.fr

Loc Atlantique

Located at the Port de Bourgenay, a 15-minute walk from the campsite, Loc Atlantique is a useful address!

  • Boat rental,
  • Sea Scooter rental,
  • Water skis,
  • Fishing rods,
  • Wake board,
  • Towed buoys.

Fun, thrills and pure gliding! Enjoy the pleasures of sliding on the sea.

06 11 29 82 25 – https://www.loc-atlantique.com/

The largest fleet of Scooters des Mers in the Vendée!

Jet Explorer! Located at the Port de Bourgenay, a 15-minute walk from the campsite, Jet Explorer is the specialist in sea jets and buoys! Alone, with family or friends, everything has been done to ensure maximum pleasure!

06 11 43 09 54 – http://www.jet-explorer.com/index.php?page=accueil

Parachute Sablais

A unique camping experience in the Vendée


parachute sablais, parachute près du camping aux sables d'Olonne

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