Les Flots de l'Océan / Campsite ***
500 m from Veillon beach
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Experience the pleasure of the senses

Spend a day in Brem sur Mer, close to your campsite in Talmont Saint Hilaire
This small commune on the Vendée coast is waiting to welcome you.
Enjoy the peace and quiet of this small town
Inflate your lungs with pure iodized air.
Recharge your batteries.
During the vacations, it’s good to visit, but it’s also important to take your time.
So, to get your day off to a good start, we recommend that you let time do the work!
The sun’s rays seep through your bedroom curtains.
Time to get up.
Go to the snack bar to pick up your fresh bread and pastries reserved the day before.
Enjoy breakfast with your family on the terrace of your accommodation in the cool of the morning.
Once the whole tribe is ready, you can hit the road for Brem sur Mer.
We’ve put together a mouth-watering program you won’t soon forget.

la gachere

On the road to La Gachère

Info: car parking nearby

La Gachère is an old seafaring village with undeniable charm.
It lies on the edge of the canals of the Marais d’Olonne.
Stroll through this ancient village and admire the whitewashed houses lined with flowers.

From the Port de la Gachère, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the marshes.
This spot is well worth a visit. Stop for a moment and enjoy the calm.

The best way to get around is on foot or by bike. Numerous paths allow you to walk along the water in complete safety.
Once you’ve sailed through the narrow streets with their unusual houses and along the paths lining the canals, you’ll find yourself in another place, just as charming…

Next stop: La Cabane in Brem sur Mer

This popular meeting place is located in the heart of the marshes. It offers an exceptional setting for a drink or a bite to eat.

But that’s not all: if you feel like it, you can try your hand at water sports such as paddling or kayaking.

Sit down at a table. We recommend a few freshly-caught oysters, accompanied by a glass of white wine from the Vendée fiefdom. The perfect combo!

Please note: due to its success, this area can sometimes be fully booked, so remember to reserve your table in advance.

la cabane brem sur mer
fief vendéens vineyard

Let’s talk about the Vendée stronghold

Your little white AOC from the Vendée fief De la Cabane, you won’t find yourself far from the wine tourism route of the Vendée fiefdoms.
Get ready for an original experience.
Discover wines with iodized and salty notes. These special characteristics make them unique on the palate.
To find out more, follow the 31 km wine tourism route.

Along the way, you’ll discover no fewer than 6 producers.
They’ll be delighted to share their passion and love of wine with you.

Note: there is no signposting, so use your phone’s GPS.

Stopover at Château de Rosnay

If you have enough money to bring your own bikes, then we strongly advise you to take them. It will be much more pleasant to stroll through the vineyards with your hair blowing in the wind. From left to right, vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Château de Rosnay is one of the department’s most extensive fiefs.
The host family will be delighted to show you their expertise. How they harvest the grapes and all the steps involved in making a unique wine.
The owners produce red, rosé and white wine.
After a stroll through their vineyards, you’ll enter their premises to visit the winery.
The tour ends with a tasting session.
Now is the time to bring back delicious memories of Vendée for your loved ones.

Time to return to Les Flots de l’Océan campsite.
The day ended on a high note: aperitif, barbecue and a delicious Vendée fief.

chateau de rosnay vineyard

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